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Every nook of any Indian city is crowded with Coaching Centers, Study Centers, Institutes, Home Tutors struggling to take students and turning them into next IAS, JEE or NEET aspirants. And every student is unique in his own way of studying, understanding, with his/her distinctive goals & dreams.

In a country with a population of over one billion, it becomes difficult to find that ONE coaching center or institute which suits the student the best. With our exclusive Education market place, we, as part of Mapaguru try to make this task easier for every aspiring student.

Mapaguru is India’s largest coaching institute aggregator. Mapaguru provides every student with the information collected from hundreds of coaching centers, training institutes, and tuition classes. It not only connects the students with the desired coaching centers but it also helps students book their seat and take admissions instantaneously. Students can compare, review the institutes and make informed decisions.

What makes Mapaguru more desirable than other similar sites is its broad intake on career choices. There are coaching centers available for Law, IAS, UPSC, CA, SSC, Bank Exams, Data Science, Engineering and IT courses. So, no matter which field student comes from or which career path he/she chooses to go to, Mapaguru connects them to classroom-based coaching center in that arena of study.

In addition to this, Mapaguru does understand the growing demand & interest of students in studying abroad especially in countries like the USA, UK, and Australia. Institutes and organizations providing courses like Graduate Records Examination (GRE) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are also partnered with Mapaguru helping students realize their dreams.

Mapaguru is a highly scalable, data-rich platform bringing together different players of the education ecosystem - coaching institutes, colleges, schools students spanning different disciplines in order to streamline information and offer it in a lucid manner. At the heart of the platform is an AI engine, drawing from different data sources, empowering parents and students with credible information to make the right decisions in their academic career. The platform will greatly simplify operations for different institutes, by streamlining their processes and help them in reaching out to prospective students and focus on their aspirations. 

Mapaguru is a company with a mission to bring about a paradigm shift in the field of education and skill development. We are charged with a mission of transforming the way the institutes function, manage and grow in their stature as they drive a skilled and talented India. Behind Mapaguru is a highly motivated team with a rich experience of the education sector, spanning different facets such as training, counseling, personality development, and professional education. We are building systems, incorporating global best practices and learnings from different industries to deliver a powerful platform, which simplifies interactions and transactions along the value chain.

Now, we cannot deny the giant iceberg of coaching institutes that are providing tuitions in all the areas mentioned above. So, how does a student get to know which coaching is the best for them as an aspiring student? Simple. Mapaguru provides the students the facility to compare each and every institution with the other before settling for the one. Check the courses, price, batch timings, faculty, photos & videos of the institute before taking one of the most important decisions of their life. Our ‘featured list’ & ‘suggested courses’ are updated regularly to help the decision-making easier.

Also, we make sure they do not miss out any important information which is why we keep the students updated with our ‘news updates’ and ‘events’ columns. In every step they take, Mapaguru tries to make the journey easier for them.

Mapaguru invites all the students to get ready to go on a search for the best coaching institute in their area to their liking. Choose the batch that suits them the best and book seat with the help of the best coaching institute aggregator of India.